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      Business Cooperation

      Business Cooperation

      Cooperation service team

      Sales team

      Introduce Cenkon’s products and services to the customers at home and abroad via network, telephone and door-to-door visit. 

      Market team

      Collect new product release messages of domestic and international brands, make a systematic research on skincare product development trend at home and abroad, provide customers with new product development ideas and marketing suggestions, and design package and planning copyrighting for customers. 

      Business team

      Professional personnel are arranged to provide customers with inquiry solving, demand confirmation, sampling preparation feedback, order tracking, complaint handling and other after-sales services.


      Contact ways

      Mr. Rong (86)20-66603300-233、13826047027

      Mr. Cheng (86)20-66603300-117、15013201585



      Long-term partners

      廣東丸美生物技術股份有限公司         中山愛護日用品有限公司         維真時代(上海)化妝品有限公司

      維真時代(上海)化妝品有限公司         廣東丸美生物技術股份有限公司         高姿化妝品

      廣東九極生物科技有限公司         廣州韓后化妝品有限公司         廣州通創貿易有限公司


      Global quality supplier

      道康寧        巴斯夫        國際特品


      賽比克        德固賽        法國綠科


      國際香料        禾大        陶氏化學


      福瑞達        阿克蘇諾貝爾        帝斯曼


      路博潤        科萊恩