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      Industry News

      Knowledge of inner packing material of cosmetics ——Hose

      In Knowledge of inner packing material of cosmetics ——Glass, we described the glass bottle used as cosmetic packing materials. When being used to pack cosmetics, it is mainly divided into: skincare product (cream and lotion), perfume, essential oil and nail polish. Their packing volumes are relatively small. The glass bottle with over 200ml in volume is seldom used to pack cosmetics. This chapter will introduce another cosmetic packing material—hose.
      1. Hose is divided into single layer, double-layered and five-layered hoses. They are different in pressing resistance, permeation prevention and hand feeling. Five-layered hose contains external layer, internal layer, two bonding layers and blocked layers. Characteristics: It has excellent gas barrier property and can effectively prevent oxygen and peculiar smell from entering and prevent fragrance and active ingredients from bleeding out. 
      2. Double-layered hose is commonly used. If it is low and medium grades, single-layered hose can be used. The caliber of hose is between 13#—60#. When a hose with some caliber is selected, different lengths are used to mark different volumes. The volume with 3ml—360ml can be adjusted at will. For beautiful appearance and harmony, the volume with below 60ml adopts the caliber of below 35#, the volume with 100ml and 150ml adopts the caliber of 35#—45#, and the volume with above 150ml adopts the caliber of above 45#. 
      3. In terms of process, it is divided into circular tube, elliptical tube, flat tube and super flat tube. Compared with other tubes, the processes of flat tube and super flat tube are more complicated. They are new tubes in recent years, so their prices are relatively high. 
      4. There are many hose caps. Generally, they are divided into flat cap, round head cap, high cap, lifting cap, super flat cap, double-layered cap, spherical cap and lipstick cap. Plastic cap can be treated with multiple processes such as gilding edge, silvering edge, colored cap, transparent, oil injection and electroplating. Tipped cap lipstick cap are usually equipped with an inner plug. Hose cap is an injection molding item. Hose is a pull tube. Most of the hose factories do not produce hose caps. 
      5. Some products can be endcapped after filling. The endcapping is divided into diagonal grain endcapping, cross grain endcapping, umbellate form endcapping, star point endcapping and abnormal shape endcapping. During endcapping, the date mark can be printed at endcapping. 
      6. Hose can be colored tube, transparent tube, colored tube, transparent tube, frosted tube or nacreous tube. It can be matte or light. If it is matte, it looks elegant but easily gets dirty. The difference between colored tube and tube body in large area printing can be judged from the incision at the tail. The incision is a white and large-area printing tube. Its ink requirement is high, or it will easily fall off, and it will crack and expose the white mark after being folded. 
      7. The production period of hose is usually between 15-20 days (calculated from sample tube confirmation). The order quantity of single item is 5,000—10,000. The minimum order quantity for a large-scale factory is 10,000. If there are a variety of hoses, the single item can be ordered from 3,000 in some small factories. Few customers open the molds by themselves. Most of them adopt public mold (some special caps are private molds.). The different between contract order quantity and actual supply quantity can be ±10% in the industry. 
      8. If hose quality and factories are different, the prices will be greatly different. The printing plate charge is usually between RMB 200-300. The tube body can be printed and silk printed in colors. Some factories have heat transfer printing equipments and technology. Gold blocking and silver blocking are calculated based on area price. The print silk effect is good, the cost is high and there are few factories. Factories can be selected according to different demands. 
      9. Combination forms: 
      Hose + outer cap/hose are PE plastic. According to product thickness, it is divided into single-layered tube (usually adopted with low cost) and double-layered tube (good sealing property). According to product shape, it is divided into round hose (usually adopted with low cost) and flat hose. Flat hose is also known as special tube (secondary joint with high cost). Hose cap contains screw cap and lifting cap. The screw cap is divided into single-layered cap and double-layered cap. The double-layered cap is mostly electroplating cap, which can enhance the product grade. It looks beautiful. Professional line adopts screw cap. 
      B. Production process: 
      Bottle body: Plastic product can be colored directly. The colors can be used for multiple purposes. It can be transparent but seldom used. 
      Printing: Silk print (special color is used. If the color blocks are small and few, it is the same as the printing style of plastic bottle. Color matching is required, and professional line product is commonly used.), offset print (it is similar to paper print. If the color blocks are big and many, daily chemical line products are commonly used.), gold blocking and silver blocking.