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      Industry News

      This skincare product is best-selling at the sunscreen peak season!


      Sunscreen is required at all seasons. Summer is coming. People wear fewer clothes, so they require sunscreen. If they wear super short clothes, they will get tanned by the sun with clear black and white lines. You can just image the following: a beauty wears little and her chest has a black and white mark. It is not good-looking.

      When summer comes, sunscreen skincare product advertising is everywhere. The following concepts have been deeply rooted in people’s minds: “spread some sunscreen cream every day”, “Ultraviolet light is everywhere in daytime” and “it is not enough to spread only some sunscreen cream, the amount should be enough, and it should be used frequently rather than just one time.”

      There are so many types of sunscreen products. Which one will be favored the most? 

      It is shown from a report for Tmall sunscreen product sales issued by Tmall and Ruili Digital Media that the best sold adult sunscreen product on Tmall is the cream type. 

      Brand owners provide a variety of products for consumers to choose, including sunscreen cream, sunscreen lotion and sunscreen spray. In terms of oiliness, it should be cream > lotion > spray. The texture of cream is relatively thick without moisturizing and complexional modification. Lotion is usually in a liquid state with good moistening. Different products have whitening and anti-aging effects. Spray is mainly chemical sunscreen agent and usually an oil-free formula without greasiness and good water and sweat resistance. 

      How do consumers make their choices among various sunscreen products? 

      The degree of consumers’ preference for sunscreen products is basically dependent on sunscreen factor, sunscreen duration, waterproofing, mildness, refreshing and fragrance. It is shown from the Tmall sales report that the best sold sunscreen cream is SPF30 series followed by SPF30+ and SPF25. Compared with lotion and spray, sunscreen cream is more favored by consumers. Its sales volume occupies 46.7% of total sunscreen products followed by sunscreen lotion (31.3%) and sunscreen spray (6.6%). 

      All-in-one effects or dedicated sunscreen

      Nowadays, many brand owners add skincare efficacy into a sunscreen product. For example, in a ten-in-one BB cream under L'Oreal, the protective degree of PA is PA++++, and its sunscreen duration (SPF value) is up to 500 minutes. It is not inferior in any respect when compared with ordinary sunscreen cream. It also has other efficacies such as whitening skin and smoothening crazing. It can be called as the savior for female makeup. 

      When many consumers choose products, they tend to purchase those isolating creams or BB creams with a sunscreen function. They stay indoors most of the time. Isolating cream can effectively insolate ultraviolet light and avoid computer radiation. If you buy a bottle sunscreen cream, you will obtain the effects of sunscreen, anti-radiation, defect concealing and whitening. In terms of use effect, BB cream with sunscreen property is different from professional sunscreen product. However, most of the consumers get used to buying sunscreen cream in summer and use isolating cream or BB cream in other seasons. 

      As consumer demands are more and more diversified, isolating cream and BB cream impose a great impact on sunscreen no matter whether cream, lotion and spray have occupied a dominant position. When choosing products, consumers usually consider their own demands. The market of isolating cream and BB cream is very hot, which is commonly recognized in cosmetic and makeup industry. It is worthy of researching on how many cosmetic brand owners divide up the market. 


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