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      Cenkon News

      Cenkon attended Guangzhou International Beauty Expo!

            From March 9 to 11, 2016, the 44th China International Beauty Expo will be grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention Center. The products under Cenkon will be exhibited at the expo. Since its establishment in 1996, Cenkon has been devoted itself to providing customers with excellent cosmetic OEM/ODM services and creativity. Such services include: 
      1. Brand planning and product planning
      2. Formula development service
      3. Product packing development and packing design
      4. Processing and production service
      5. Material purchase agency service
      6. Law and regulation service
      7. Storage and logistics transport service
      It has been pursuing the concept of “OEM continuous improvement, ODM infinite originality” and was recognized and affirmed by its customers such as Marubisexual and Vigene.
      OEM continuous improvement
      1. Have 100,000-level GMPC clean cosmetic workshops; 
      2. Produce a variety of products including facial care, hair care, body care, essential oil, foundation make-up and membrane powder; 
      3. Process and produce eye and children skincare products;
      4. Possess professional anti-explosion and powder-removing workshops and produce perfume and loose powder products; 
      5. Have a monthly production capacity of 10 million pieces; 
      6. Conduct total quality management (TQM) and FMEA control in the whole process. 
      ODM endless creative
      1. Brand planning: Cenkon planed the self-owned brand BEDOOK and JESS series product. With accurate positioning and complete production lines, it has obtained huge influence and reputation.
      2. Independent development: Formula, packing materials, technical development and optimization of various products can be conducted.
      3. Function evaluation: Import professional evaluation equipment and independent evaluation laboratory to evaluate cosmetic efficacy (moisturizing, oil control and anti-aging and irritation as well as test packing material air-tightness, ink adhesion and illumination aging. 
            Adhering to the product tenet of “being natural, safe and effective”, Cenkon exhibited its self-owned brand BEDOOK and JESS rose valley series products and launched 42 new products covering skincare, cosmetic, facial mask, body care and perfume products. At the expo, Cenkon provided professional personnel to answer the questions about development (formula and packing material), commerce and supply so that customers can fully learn about the company product and cooperation mode.

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