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      Cenkon News

      2015 Charity in Cenkon--Travel with Greenness!


            From November 6 to 8, 2015, Cenkon carried out all employees’ special travel activity titled “2015 Charity in Cenkon-- Travel with Greenness”. Adopting the basic idea of the employees’ travel in 2014 titled “Go Anywhere You Want”, this activity combined the core value of enterprise culture--“to provide good life for employees and their family members” and “help those in distress and reward the society”, took the principle of travel with greenness, advertized green commuting, supported social charity civilization construction, strengthened employees’ sense of social responsibility and accelerated the construction pace of enterprise charity and environmental protection cause.

            Mr. Zhu Hong, the leader of Cenkon, put forward the charity culture concept of “travel with greenness”. All employees and their family members traveled with this mission and returned home with happy moods. The travel route was selected by employees, and the company customized the travel for them. Six routes were available, namely: Qingyuan Fogang route, Qingyuan Lianzhou route, Jiangmen Xinhui route, Zhuhai route, Guangxi Guilin route and Guangxi Hezhou route.


      Fogang route for Cenkon employees


      Lianzhou route for Cenkon employees


      Xinhui route for Cenkon employees


      Zhuhai route for Cenkon employees


      Guilin route for Cenkon employees


      Hezhou route for Cenkon employees

            Reviewing the travel, we sighed with emotion, smiled, released and got acquainted with each other. We are fully positive! The activity theme of “travel with greenness” was achieved in a happy, harmonious, environmental and charitable manner. Wish “2015 Charity in Cenkon” bring luck to everyone. Welcome to join us.


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