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      Core Values


      Cenkon vision

      To be a respected healthy product and service provider

      1. To become a company which has a good public praise and is introduced proudly by its  employees to their families and friends

      2. To pursue dreams with considerable strengths and capacities

      3. To make enterprise and employees have a high sense of social responsibility


      Core values

      1. To support employees and their family members to obtain good life and happiness

      2. To concern about employees’ career development, make personal ideals a reality

      3. To provide a safe and clean environment

      4. To respect every individual who provides and use products and services, be responsible to every product-related party, reflect respecting and being respected in daily work of every Cenkon staff

      5. To have positive, efficient and harmonious team cooperation atmosphere as well as simple interpersonal relationship 

      6. To make management standardized, process clear, assessment impartial, fair and transparent

      7. To be innovative and accept challenge

      8. To help those in distress and reward the society


      Strategic goals 

      1. To keep continuous improvement, achieve greater, faster, better and more economical results for OEM manufacturing

      2. To be a leader in special product market segment

      3. To work out evaluation method for innovative product functions


      Strategic mission

      Provide customers with safe, effective, natural and healthy products and service through continuous innovation, meet consumer demand and improve life quality with leading technology and unique efficacies


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