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      Storage Logistics


      Storage and logistics are one of the important links in full supply chain management. In 2013, Cenkon invested about RMB 20 million to construct a logistics center with an area of 10,000 m2 and put into use. The buildings are of reinforced concrete structure. Their floors are treated with corundum hardening, so their hardness and cleanliness are high. 


      Storage scale

      The storage area of Cenkon totals 15,000m2. In particular, 10,000 m2 storage area in Logistics Center Building including 1,000m2 cosmetic warehouse (including normal temperature storehouse, air-conditioning storehouse, drying storehouse, refrigeration storehouse and cooling storehouse), 9,000m2 packing material warehouse, 4,200m2 finished product warehouse, 200m2 consumables warehouse, 600m2 delivery and material receiving area can meet the storage requirements for a monthly production capacity of 10 million pieces of cosmetics. 


      Logistics transport

      Logistics Center provides 8 transport vehicles (van-type sealed vehicles) can meet the transportation requirement of at least 100 t (260m3) cargo per day. It has set up long-term partnership with DEPPON, TNT Hoau, City Star and other famous logistics companies. Product loading is fully monitored by video and vehicle doors are equipped with seals for burglary prevention. 


      Application of new technologies 

      Cenkon ERP information system and handheld wireless terminal operation system conduct overall process information management for cosmetic materials, intermediate products and finished products. All storage operation areas are conducted with overall process information monitoring and visual management monitoring, which ensures that the warehouse data is accurate and timely and stored safely and effectively. 


      System control 

      ERP system and WMS wireless information management have been fully implemented. Cosmetic materials and products are managed with QR codes. Material arrival, taking, returning, product warehousing, delivery and inventory verification are managed by zero node information transmission and handheld terminal. 

      I. Carry out paperless operation for incoming and outgoing materials and products. The data is accurate, green and environmental. 

      II. Improve the work efficiency of all operation links including material receiving, sending, warehousing, delivering and checking. The accuracy of system data is up to 100%. 

      III. Provide complete records for the overall process of warehouse operation, and implement overall process material and product flow tracking. 

      IV. Packing materials and raw materials are managed in batch number. The system automatically generates batch numbers for material management, follows the principle of first-in first-out and allocates storage locations for management. 

      V. Precise inventory management can reduce extra purchase and ensure that the inventory can meet customers’ order and delivery requirements. 

      VI. Import materials/finished product turnover analysis statement and analysis statement of dead stock days and conduct real-time analysis and continuous improvement. 


      Environment and safety

      I. Fully-closed warehouse and insect prevention measures ensure that cosmetic materials and products are not invaded by dust and insects. 

      II. 24-hour electronic monitoring is provided for transportation area, loading area, warehousing turnover area and storage area, and the monitoring records are saved for 6 months. Door access is set for entry and exit of each warehouse so as to ensure the safety of customer products and materials. 

      III. Storage pallets are made of high-strength plastic pallets and should be cleaned regularly. 

      IV. Partitioned management measures are strictly carried out in the warehouse so as to ensure orderly placement of cosmetic materials and products as well as the spatial storage of materials and products with different qualify conditions. 

      V. According to the storage characteristics of cosmetic materials and products, provide normal temperature storehouse, drying storehouse, air-conditioning storehouse, refrigeration storehouse, cooling storehouse, greenhouse and hazardous article warehouse to ensure that materials and products do not have any quality change due to the storage conditions. 

      Visit LOGISTICS Center
      Use a handheld terminal to scan QR code of goods
      Forklift is operated in the storage rack area
      QR codes for upright storage and goods location
      Overall picture for cosmetic products
      Overall picture for cosmetic products
      Overall picture for cosmetic packing material warehouse
      Overall picture for raw cosmetic materials (normal temperature area)
      Overall picture for raw cosmetic materials (air-conditioning warehouse) 

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