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      Production and Manufacturing


      Manufacturing Center Office possesses over 30 professional technical management personnel including PMC and PIE. The center has advanced production equipment, scientific production processes and standard production regulations, providing consumers with safe, effective and natural health products. 


      Production environment 

      Production environment and relevant facilities are in strict in accordance with national standards and have passed Cosmetics - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPC) and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. 12,000-m2 GMPC production workshop is equipped with air purification system with highly clean level, anti-static epoxy resin grade level, ultraviolet light and ozone sterilizing system. 


      Production capacity

      I. Products cover facial care, hair care, body care, perfume and other multiple varieties and nearly 1,000 series. The monthly production capacity is up to 10 million pieces. 

      II. Semi-finished product production workshop: The cleanliness is up to 100,000-level. There are emulsified workshop, membrane powder workshop and perfume workshop. The production amount of semi-finished products is up to 30t. 

      III. 12 bagging production lines. The bagging semi-finished products cover such varieties as aqueous solution, essential oil, emulsion, cream, foundation make-up and facial mask. The daily output is up to 400,000-500,000 pieces. 


      Production equipments

      I. System support equipment: Central electronic scale and handheld terminal WMS. Use QR code logo, central electronic scale and handheld terminal WMS to connect ERP system, manage and analyze production data. 

      II. Emulsifying equipment: Vacuum emulsification pots with multiple specifications can meet the production demands of multiple varieties and small batches in professional lines and single variety and large batches in daily chemical line. 

      III. Sterilizing equipments include ozone machine, 4T reverse-osmosis pure water preparation machine, chain bottle washer and microwave dryer. 

      IV. Bagging equipments include automatic labeling machine, 3D transparent membrane packer, automatic endcapping filling machine, automatic facial mask all-in-one machine and edge sealing machine.

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      1,000L vacuum homogenizing emulsification pot
      1,000L vacuum homogenizing emulsification pot
      Production workshop
      Batch preparation workshop
      Filling production workshop
      Filling production workshop
      All-purpose code machine
      Microwave dryer
      Membrane folding machine
      Automatic filling endcapping machine